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Charlene Fortsch Charlene Fortsch’s interest in prophecy began at a very early age in the environment of a Christian home. Ever since she first heard about those "unique" beasts in the seventh chapter of "Daniel," her curiosity was aroused to know what they represented. Over the years, she attended lectures and study classes, always searching for the application of Prophecy and how it fits her own generation. This search also included the New Testament "Book of Revelation." In the year 2000 she was introduced to the third Prophetic Book in this series — the "Song of Songs" (otherwise known as the "Song of Solomon"). As she began to study these three books together, the prophetic picture began to unfold. At the same time, she became acquainted with the Hermeneutic Rules and Principles of Prophetic Bible Study. Realizing that prophecy is an exact science like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, she realized that it must be studied with its own unique rules. Once the rules are understood they must be applied, carefully and consistently, in each vision. Studying prophecy in this manner brought to light the application of past and future prophetic events.

As Charlene learned, she began to share with many friends, printing out simple booklets with pictures and Scripture. She thought about writing a book on prophecy, to help others understand what she had been learning. When her friends and family heard of this desire, they encouraged her to write a book on prophecy in a way that would be simple enough for even a child to understand. Charlene invites you to join many others around the world in this fascinating study of Daniel's prophecies.

Daniel Updates:

Daniel Translations
There have been countless requests for various translations, especially in Spanish, French, Russian, German, Hungarian and Hebrew.  The Spanish people are most anxious to have their own translation.  (If anyone can assist with this project, please contact Prophecy Song.)  Translations that are currently being worked on include:

  1. Hindi:  As of January 2010, the translation is at Daniel 11.
  2. Hungarian:  As of January 2010, the translation is beginning Daniel 7.
  3. German:  This translation is still in the beginning stages.

Daniel’s Prophecies have traveled around the world
--  Besides a very large distribution in Canada and the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), Daniel books are being read and studied in these countries:  Australia, Belize, Bermuda, Denmark, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad.

Many have contacted us asking to donate. We have now provided a donate button at the top for your convenience.

Erica DisslerErica Dissler was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by God's creation all around, she grew up with an appreciation for art. Mostly self-taught, Erica is currently residing in Kelowna, BC where she works as a full-time illustrator/free lance artist. "God has put within each of us the desire to create. We get to choose how we use this desire." Erica hopes her art inspires others to learn and grow in the Truth.

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The following titles are a partial list of Covenant Calendar Studies that Charlene has been involved in the production and development of.

If you are interested in receiving a CD containing dozens of related calendar studies in both PDF and Power Point formats, a donation of $20.00 to cover costs, would be most appreciated. Please use the "Donate" link on Purchase Page. (Note:  Titles are in PDF and/or Power Point formats.  Not every file will be found in both formats, but there are many studies that can be read in Word PDF and Power Points on the CD.)

The following PDF files have been provided as free samples for downloading to your computer. Click the links to download each title.

  1. Covenant Calendar List of Studies [9 pages]

  2. Grammar 101 for Day-start [22 pages]

  3. Yahuah's Elegant Calendar Secrets  [14 pages]

  4. Gospel Account for Yahuah's Covenant of the Day  [13 pages]

  5. The Moon!  Oh! The Moon  [93 pages]

  6. Pure Woman Standing on the Moon  [66 PPT slides] 

The following is a partial list of just some of the files contained on the CD.  Examine the full list of studies at the first link above.

Sample Files:  Word Document PDFs

  1. Creation's Light (25 pages)

  2. Covenant of the Day & Covenant of the Night (7 pages)

  3. Creation's Chronicle (80 pages)

  4. Abram's Covenant From Yahuah (13 pages)

  5. Lots of Inebriated Blunders (14 pages)

  6. Laban and Jacob Covenant at Mizpah (12 pages)

  7. Myriads of Ravaging Locusts (13 pages)

  8. Passover Patterns Prevail (Egypt) (25 pages)

  9. Unleavened Bread Consumption Schedule (9 pages)

  10. Pharaoh's Chariots No Wheels No Deals (13 pages)

  11. The Quail Effect (28 pages)

  12. Mannafestation (24 pages)

  13. Yahuah's Elegant Calendar Secrets (14 pages)

  14. To Eat or Not to Eat (9 pages)

  15. Answers for Atonement (21 pages)

  16. Day of Atonement 101 (15 pages)

  17. Joshua's First Passover in Canaan (28 pages)

  18. A Fleece, Clay Pots & Shofars (10 pages)

  19. Belligerent Benjamites Encounter Judgement (10 pages)

  20. The Honour of Lepers (17 pages)

  21. Dagon Decapitated fish-god Exposes Dawn (12 pages)

  22. Josiah Reinstates the Passover (14 pages)

  23. Midst of the Week with Jonah & Yahusha (16 pages)

  24. A Worm Ushers in the Next Day (2 pages)

  25. When Does Yahusha's Day Begin? (51 pages)

  26. The Crucifixion According to John (21 pages)

  27. Roman Reckoning (9 pages)

Sample Files:  Power Point PDFs  

  1. Grammar 101 & Hebrew Study Skills  [98 Slides]

  2. When Does the Day Begin?  [190 Slides]

  3. Joshua's First Passover in Canaan & Firstfruits  [82 Slides]

  4. A 6th Cycle (Friday) Crucifiction?  [71 Slides]              

  5. End of the Sabbath in the Gospel Account  [60 Slides]

  6. Roman Reckoning of John  [94 Slides]

  7. The Crucifixion as Recorded by John  [94 Slides]           

  8. Moses & His Mt Sinai Encounters  [80 Slides]

  9. Passover (Egypt) to the Malki-Zedek Covenant at Sinai  [83 Slides] 

  10. Yahuah's Elegant Calendar  [105 Slides]

  11. Calendar of ALL Calendars #3 - Through the Genealogies of the Patriarchs  [73 Slides]

  12. Calendar of ALL Calendars #4 - Patriarchs Challenge the Book of Enoch  [174 Slides]

  13. Calendar of ALL Calendars #5 - The Moon Does Not Commence the Biblical Month  [338 Slides] 

  14. Discovering the Equinox Equation  [70 Slides]

  15. David's Qodesh Lechem  [73 Slides] 

2 Peter 1:19 

We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
whereunto ye do well that ye take heed,
as unto a light that shineth in a dark place,
until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.

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