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Charlene FortschCharlene Fortsch’s interest in prophecy began at a very early age in the environment of a Christian home. Ever since she first heard about those "unique" beasts in the seventh chapter of "Daniel," her curiosity was aroused to know what they represented. Over the years, she attended lectures and study classes, always searching for the application of Prophecy and how it fits her own generation. This search also included the New Testament "Book of Revelation." In the year 2000 she was introduced to the third Prophetic Book in this series — the "Song of Songs" (otherwise known as the "Song of Solomon"). As she began to study these three books together, the prophetic picture began to unfold. At the same time, she became acquainted with the Hermeneutic Rules and Principles of Prophetic Bible Study. Realizing that prophecy is an exact science like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, she realized that it must be studied with its own unique rules. Once the rules are understood they must be applied, carefully and consistently, in each vision. Studying prophecy in this manner brought to light the application of past and future prophetic events.

As Charlene learned, she began to share with many friends, printing out simple booklets with pictures and Scripture. She thought about writing a book on prophecy, to help others understand what she had been learning. When her friends and family heard of this desire, they encouraged her to write a book on prophecy in a way that would be simple enough for even a child to understand. Charlene invites you to join many others around the world in this fascinating study of Daniel's prophecies.

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Erica DisslerErica Dissler was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by God's creation all around, she grew up with an appreciation for art. Mostly self-taught, Erica is currently residing in Kelowna, BC where she works as a full-time illustrator/free lance artist. "God has put within each of us the desire to create. We get to choose how we use this desire." Erica hopes her art inspires others to learn and grow in the Truth.

Daniel - Understanding the dreams and VisionsBook of Daniel
Have you ever wondered how it is possible to understand the prophecies of Daniel? If so, the DANIEL is the book for you. This is a unique book the reveals the Structure of Daniel. Structure is the key that the prophet Daniel has presented to unlock the Bible. Daniel expounds the prophecies in four distinct visions of how, from Daniel’s day onward, God has revealed the rise and fall of the seven earthly kingdoms many centuries in advance. The truths of these prophecies have withstood every attack from any earthly power or authority.

The purpose of this book is to bring clarity to the text of King James Version through the use of definitions of words, maps, pictures, illustrations, charts, tables and secular historical records. Author’s comments are added only where necessary.

Understanding the Book of Daniel also sets the foundation for understanding the prophecies in the Book of Revelation at which time the full explanation of both prophetic books comes alive. Enjoy the simple approach to an intricate and complex web of truth along with a clear description of coming events in the future.

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Revelations - Understanding the Visions of JohnKing James
Revelation is the second book in this prophetic series. It is the last Book of the New Testament that compliments the prophecies of Daniel. The Old Testament Book of Daniel contains the original prophecy; Revelation is the revealing of that prophecy with added details. Today, the word of prophecy is more sure, with even stronger evidence, then ever before. Each year that goes by establishes another facet of unfulfilled prophecy. It may even seem that the events predicted by prophecy are the ones most unlikely to take place. Then, suddenly another aspect of prophecy is fulfilled - perhaps after decades, centuries, or even millenniums. But, the prophecies of the Bible always come true! The reason for this is: These prophecies were not made by man, but "holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."

Revelation is a book that moves the Bible student the next step beyond Daniel. Revelation’s perfect structure is the key that the prophet John has supplied to allow the Bible to be its own expositor. (That structure chart is found on pages 398-399 of Daniel.)

With regret Charlene will not be finishing her companion book to Daniel at this time, due to another very important research project that is very necessary before going further into Revelation. However, she highly recommends every reader to enjoy the Revelation work of her editor, GE Johnson and to continue to pursue your personal search for Truth. Any questions can be sent to the email listed above. Thank you and Shalom!

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A note from GE Johnson, the author of “The Book of Revelation – Final Separation and Deliverance”

For many years, I journeyed through the world of denominational Christianity attempting to find a connection between what the Bible said and what was being taught from the pulpit. There are many perspectives about what the Bible says but few, if any, that measure up to the demands of Scripture.

Then in 1981, I left my business career, moving my family to a remote property in northern British Columbia. The purpose was to re-sort the priorities of life. In the process of time, reading and studying the Bible became a major interest. I was most interested in the “prophetic” line in the Bible that flowed from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation. Comparing world history to prophecies, spoke of its divine authorship.

Next, outside reading “about the Bible” became short lived as speculation, opinions and contradictions presented themselves each time a page was turned. The best solution was to put aside outside authors and use the Bible as its sole expositor. It was at that time the Bible came alive to me.

Since the dawn of the Protestant Reformation centuries ago, and the establishment of the Protestant Church, the watchword has always been “Sola Scriptura” – “the Bible and the Bible only.” As time has passed, that watchword has virtually disappeared from Protestant vocabulary. Today, “the Bible and the Bible only” has given way to customs, traditions and perspectives of authors, ministers, denominations and a host of other influences, and has created a state of general confusion in an understanding of the Word.

Is it possible that those who profess to be Christian have permitted Error mixed with Truth to influence their thinking? Is it possible that our understanding of Scripture does not truly reflect what the Bible has to say, and that our own personal spiritual foundation is built on shaky ground? Will many that profess “Christianity” today, unknowingly become part of that ‘falling away’ because they have put their trust in their spiritual leadership at the expense of their own personal study of the Bible? If those that profess to be Christian do not have an understanding of the Word, how will they know what is Error and what is Truth? How will they be “separated and sanctified”? How will they know what it means to “come out” and be separate?

If you have similar questions, it is my hope that this manuscript will encourage each and every reader to search the Scriptures to confirm that what they are being taught is founded in Biblical Truth.

What I have searched for, and what I have found, has become the foundation of what has been written in “The Book of Revelation – Final Separation and Deliverance.”


Customers who have an interest in Daniel's prophecies will also be interested in this companion title "Codeword Barbelon."

CODEWORD BARBÊLÔN is a book of stunning geopolitical revelations. It presents an array of facts that reveal a daring but subtle plan for seizing of global power—a compelling portrait of the future, and a most extraordinary account of international power and intrigue. This information dovetails nicely with the prophecies found in Daniel 8. FIND OUT MORE >>


"Anti-Christ Is a WomanAlive, and Well, Again!" - (Being Book 2 to Codeword Barbelon), by the indefatigable P.D. Stuart.
FASCISM HAS COME TO AMERICA! And it's wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross...
On July 7, 2009, Pope Benedict called for a new “world political authority” to manage the global economy and to regulate national economies…But, “Is the financial meltdown mere chance and accident or is there more to all of this than meets the eye.” 
Why are world events spinning out of control”?“Why do the explanations we hear from our government officials seem so unreliable”? And “Why do the establishment news media leave us feeling like we have only heard part of the story”! “Was Thomas Watson right when he warned in 1910 that the evils of the credit and paper system, must, at no distant day, lead to a monetary crisis?” Why is this all happening now?

Here is a book that offers Evidences that even the PLAIN READER can understand, which the SCHOLAR will appreciate, and which the SKEPTIC cannot refute… a record of facts, well-attested, burning facts, which cannot fail to convince the incredulous, arouse the indifferent and lukewarm, and inspire every lover of truth and of his country…!

2 Peter 1:19 

We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
whereunto ye do well that ye take heed,
as unto a light that shineth in a dark place,
until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.

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